One of the many benefits FBA offers you? Billing.

Billing needs to be precise, efficient and hassle-free. Flexible Benefit Administrators (FBA) offers a complete solution that helps you manage enrollment, quickly invoice, properly make payments, facilitate reporting, and keep the complexity of billing administration streamlined, dramatically decreasing the chance of error.

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Payment coordination. Premium collection. Timely communication and more. Basically, it’s our job to make the flow of billing transactions smooth and the process as efficient as possible. Take a look at the specific types of billing we can take care of for you.

Retiree Billing

FBA offers Retiree Billing as an employee benefits administration service that is designed to compliment an employer’s overall benefit strategy.

Our goal is to streamline the flow of processing payments between employer groups and their retirees by providing ourselves as the single point of contact for all transactions.

Direct Vendor Billing

A client’s obligation to maintain, track, and disburse premiums to countless plan carriers can be a daunting task. By implementing FBA’s Direct Vendor Billing service, we relieve those duties and execute them effectively and efficiently.

We make it our priority to communicate with you every step of the way to minimize the hassle of coordinating between multiple vendors and databases.

Direct Billing

Direct Billing relieves the burden of collecting premiums when deducting from payroll is not an option.

As your third-party administrator, FBA will handle notifying the participant what payments are due, provide a means to make the payment, provide notification when proper payment is not received and remit any received payments to the client

Custom Billing

FBA works with employer groups to create Customized Billing plans to meet account timetables and business needs. Billing is complex enough. FBA makes it simple by working with your company to create a personalized plan to ensure your requirements are met.

With our assistance, you can implement any billing plan you desire. A few billing services FBA has executed over the years include gym memberships, travel expenses, wellness programs and more.

Leave of Absence Billing

FBA works with employer groups to alleviate the stress of coordinating payments for premiums on benefits with employees while on an extended leave of absence from the company.

FBA makes it simple by billing and collecting from participants directly. We can send monthly coupons (3, 6, 9, or 12) in the amount the employer chooses or we can send invoices monthly at an additional premium. We do all the work for you.

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COBRA Solution from FBA

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What is COBRA?

COBRA is the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. Instituted in 1985, COBRA was developed to protect individuals from a loss of coverage from a group benefit plan due to termination, retirement, reduced hours or other qualifying events. If you are an employer and you employed 20 or more full-time employees or equivalent part-time employees in the preceding year and offer a group benefit plan, you are required to adhere to the regulations created by COBRA as well as HIPAA.

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

When an individual loses coverage, COBRA offers the individual the opportunity to continue receiving benefits. If the individual chooses to elect COBRA, it is their responsibility to pay the full monthly premium amount. As the employer, it is your responsibility to ensure your company remains within compliance.

Falling outside of compliance can be a costly mistake. Many employers today simply do not have the time or resources to stay on top of the complex and ever-changing laws surrounding COBRA and HIPAA administration.

Outsourcing your COBRA administration not only lowers your risk of falling out of compliance, but it also allows you to redirect your focus back to the success of your business. As one of the leading third-party administrators (TPAs) in the nation, Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. (FBA) specializes in providing reliable and cost-efficient COBRA administration services to our clients. FBA focuses on giving you and your participants the customized service that it deserves.

On a daily basis, our COBRA Administrators will perform maintenance on your account and provide quality assistance to your participants. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients and participants are able to reach one of our COBRA Administrators at any time during business hours. Currently FBA provides COBRA administration to thousands of clients across the nation. Let FBA ease your burden by administering your COBRA program today.

State Continuation Administration

The State Continuation Administration allows people to continue to purchase coverage through their employer’s group health insurance plan after their eligibility for the coverage would otherwise have terminated. The State Continuation Administration is based on your state and will be customized based on your state laws.

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