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Brokers around the world enjoy the advantages that partnership with us offers, including personalized attention, excellent service, flexibility, knowledge and experience. You’ll be proud to offer your clients benefits programs managed by FBA.

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Currently FBA services over 6,500 clients nationwide

FBA's largest client has over 45,000 employees

FBA covers more than 1 million lives

FBA services 5,525+ clients with over 2,000 employees

Your clients—and their employees—can benefit from choosing FBA.

What advantages do your clients enjoy when they choose FBA as their employee benefits manager? For one, FBA is dedicated to giving you and your clients superior service so you can comfortably recommend the special benefit plans they need to meet their employees’ specific requirements.

When your clients’ employees are happy, your clients are happy.

FBA is not stock owned, so we can adjust plan options to suit special circumstances. That allows the capability of offering employees the specific plans they need. We must be doing something right; FBA serves more than 6,500 clients, from small businesses with one employee to large companies with more than 45,000 employees.

Put our experience to work for you.

Established as an insurance company in 1964, FBA became a third-party administrator (TPA) in 1985, one of the first in the nation. Our founder sat on the Cafeteria Plan Advisory Board to develop the reimbursement plan governed by IRS Section 125. While on the Board, he recognized the need to provide a comprehensive benefits package for employers and employees to meet the demands of individuals’ lives at work, as well as at home. We’ve been doing just that ever since.

Be sure our benefit plans continue to serve your clients’ needs.

Our services offer your clients flexibility, continuing technological advancements, compliance and personalized attention. In fact, we guarantee that you won’t find another TPA that will render the same high quality of service and experience that FBA offers you and your clients.

Transform the way you manage benefits.

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We probably still have it! There are many services that FBA facilitates that aren't listed. Ask us about it and we can set up specialized management plans to suit your specific needs.

"I cannot thank you enough for your time and, especially, for making the drive to spend time with each of my employees. Your kind, generous attitude was most helpful when speaking about our new FSA/HSA vendor. I know employees appreciated being able to meet with you one-on-one."



"I have so enjoyed working with you and completing this last step in the process. You represent the gold standard of customer service and it is profoundly appreciated."



"It's so much easier to use our Flex Spending since FBA started to work with us. We love the turnaround time for claims, the card is so easy to use, and not having to validate every single card swipe has been AWESOME!"


We provide coverage, wherever you are.


FBA was one of the first third-party benefit administrators in the nation, and covers the nation, from coast to coast. 

So no matter where you are in the United States, you'll be able enjoy all the advantages of our customized plans, personalized attention, excellent service, flexibility, knowledge and experience.