Our Difference

What makes Flexible Benefit Administrators (FBA) stand out? What do we have that others don’t? Two words: Our people. Two more words: Our commitment. That combination, along with our deep experience, is the tremendous difference our clients have enjoyed for decades.

Our Values Our Leadership

The FBA Difference


FBA places a premium on superior service. Prior to implementation of your benefit plan, FBA will assign a set Benefits Team to service your account throughout the duration of the contract.

By offering a dedicated team, we can establish a business relationship so together, we can enjoy a successful partnership. When partnering with FBA, not only will you receive a benefit plan, but also full-service administration and on-going support.

We have 80+ years of combined experience in benefits administration.

Our management team has over 125+ years working in the health care benefits industry.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients from small to large companies.

We have been serving excellence for 57 years.

Our Vision

As times change, we know one thing that will not change: our commitment to our customers. Our goal is to continue to grow as a third-party administrator by always having live agents to answer your calls, and to continue being the Total Solution for our clients.

Our Mission

Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. is a leading third-party administrator that strives to deliver extraordinary customer service, with integrity. Our workplace is one where everyone feels welcome and is encouraged to express themselves thereby creating an environment of knowledge and empowerment. Our success is a direct reflection of our ability to adapt and adhere to the ever-changing world of employee benefits, while at the same time improving the health, well-being, and wealth of our employees, clients, their participants, and communities.


Our Values

We are committed to excellence, growth, compliance, and service. We believe in helping our neighbors in the world of small businesses. We are committed to helping our community grow and thrive through outreach programs and community service projects. We strive to use the services of many wonderful small businesses, not only in the Hampton Roads area, but also all over the U.S..

Commitment to Excellence

FBA is committed to providing top-quality administration because, to us, it’s more than just a business. It’s about family.

Commitment to Growth

As the industry continues to evolve, FBA is committed to progressing as well. We provide customized services to help our clients grow with the industry.

Commitment to Compliance

Providing compliant administration allows us to be successful. As a nationally-recognized TPA, FBA is certain to have the most up-to-date regulation modifications available.

Commitment to Service

We place a premium on superior service. Our plans are designed with flexibility so they can align with any benefit strategy.

Our Leadership

Vice President

G. L. “Lanny” Browning, III

Landon Browning, III is a Vice President and is part of the second generation to oversee FBA. Lanny received his B.S. from Ferrum College and his MBA from Averett University.  He is also certified in Flexible Compensation, COBRA, HIPAA, and is a member of ECFC.

With over twenty years of seasoned executive level service, Lanny coordinates and oversees the internal day-to-day functions to ensure quality service to current and future clients. Lanny maintains a working knowledge of all phases of operations and regularly participates in meetings as well as providing regular performance updates with his management staff allowing him to continue nurturing the growth and development of FBA.

Director of Operations

Sydney Gingerich Adams

Sydney Gingerich Adams, CFC, is the Director of Operations and is part of the third generation to oversee FBA. Sydney received her B.S. from James Madison University and is also certified in Flexible Compensation and HIPAA Compliance.

Sydney has been with FBA for 11 years and continues to grow and expand her knowledge in FSA, HSA, and HRA administration as well as COBRA law. Sydney’s priority is to develop long-term operational strategies, work closely with senior management to meet company objectives, and strengthen and maintain client relationships.

Founder and President

G. Landon Browning, Jr.

Landon Browning, Jr., a graduate of The University of Virginia, has provided strong leadership for FBA since its inception by working with the Vice Presidents and senior management to establish organizational goals and budgets.

He is responsible for presiding over our entire workforce and managing the budget to ensure resources are allocated appropriately. FBA was built upon his grand vision while sitting on the Cafeteria Plan advisory board.

Vice President

Traci Browning-Devine

Traci Browning-Devine is a Vice President and is part of the second generation to oversee FBA. Traci received her B.S. at Old Dominion University and has over thirty years of executive-level service at the company.

She is a member of ECFC and works closely with all departments to promote sales growth and customer satisfaction. She leads in-house seminars and workshops to help improve the effectiveness of the sales team. 

Her ability to develop close relationships with our clients proves her dedication to expanding all lines of business. Traci is ultimately responsible for managing FBA’s brand.

Our Strength

Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. continues to build an inclusive culture that supports, celebrates, and encourages the diverse voices of our employees. In recognizing that we are not all the same, we also recognize our greatest strengths.

We believe that having a diverse workforce allows us to achieve a better understanding of our clients and their participants’ needs. FBA supports an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and fairness. Everyone is given access to both resources and opportunities, which allows them to contribute to our organization’s success.

FBA’s History

Our company first began working with clients to design their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) programs. Since then, as laws and regulations evolved, we have expanded our administrative services to encompass Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), commuter accounts, billing options, legal services, customized administrations, and more, all while staying committed to connecting our clients with live agents every time.

Now in the hands of the second generation, FBA is building on our tradition of increased flexibility, technological advancements, and full-service administration. Because of this approach, FBA has continued to improve the way employers manage their benefit programs. With unparalleled administration, our company continues to grow from the deep roots of what we value most: ensuring our clients they can “leave the Total Solution to us.”

Team of people celebrating together



FBA got its start in the industry as Flexible Benefits Corporation, when we served the insurance needs of our clients throughout the east coast.


Our President and Founder, G. Landon Browning, Jr., sat on the Cafeteria Plan Advisory Board to develop the reimbursement plan governed by IRS Section 125, and re-established the company as an FSA and COBRA program administrator.


Our client base grew by adding retiree administration to our portfolio.


FBA added HRA, HSA and the Commuter Transit/Parking benefit administration to our portfolio.


We relocated our headquarters to a modern, updated facility in Virginia Beach.


FBA now offers over twenty-five administrative services