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When you partner with Flexible Benefit Administrators (FBA), you will enjoy all the advantages of customized plans, personalized attention, excellent service, flexibility, knowledge and experience. How can we be so confident? We currently serve more than 6,500 clients and cover more than one million lives.

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There’s a better way to manage your employee benefits programs.


All in. Completely. From top to bottom. When you choose FBA to administer your employee benefits programs, you choose to have 100% support, vast experience, superior service with direct communication, and the flexibility to create plans that fit your needs. At FBA, we call that the total solution, and it’s the only way we know how to properly manage the benefits that impact people’s lives.

FBA service solutions fall into these categories:

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Are you experiencing any of these issues?

After many decades as a third-party administrator, we hear the same problems employers, employees and brokers experience over and over again. We have the solutions. Not pride. Just fact.

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Your Problem

I can’t find benefits plans that are flexible enough to take care of my employees’ individual needs.

Our Solution

FBA’s core philosophy is to create services to fit our clients, not services that our clients must fit. One of the biggest advantages of the total solutions we provide is customized plans with personalized attention.

Your Problem

Every time I contact my current provider, I get dumped into the on-hold system or transferred to a different person who doesn’t know me.

Our Solution

FBA gives you a direct point of contact, and you will be connected with a live agent every time you reach out to us.

Your Problem

I don’t have anyone assigned to manage my account; I don’t feel as if they value my business.

Our Solution

When you partner with FBA, you have a dedicated Benefits Team to serve you.

Your Problem

How can I trust that they know what they’re talking about and the benefits they offer are in compliance?

Our Solution

FBA became a third-party administrator in 1985, one of the first in the nation. You can count on our experience and full-service administration with ongoing support, ensuring our benefit plans are provided with advanced technology, and are always in compliance.

Don't see what you need?

We probably still have it! There are many services that FBA facilitates that aren't listed. Ask us about it and we can set up specialized management plans to suit your specific needs.

Transform the way you manage benefits.

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See how FBA could impact your process.

We provide coverage, wherever you are.


FBA was one of the first third-party benefit administrators in the nation, and covers the nation, from coast to coast. 

So no matter where you are in the United States, you'll be able enjoy all the advantages of our customized plans, personalized attention, excellent service, flexibility, knowledge and experience.